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Why Tests Aren’t As Bad As You Think

Reasons Why You Should Get Penetration Testing Certification

All organizations that depend on information security protocol have to ensure that their security is not breached for the safety of their client’s data. It is important to note that for companies to remain afloat in the current world where technology is fast growing, a company has to incorporate security measures into its information technology infrastructure. Penetration testing enables companies to do this and thus its growing popularity. It is important to have regular penetration testing done in your organization for the sake of your business’ security.

This test allows you to see all the potential threats that your company’s security may face. Penetration testing will allow you to identify gaps before hackers do and therefore give you a chance to take the necessary measures to keep them at bay. This article seeks to discuss a number of reasons why you should ensure you get a penetration testing certification.

The first benefit of penetration testing is that it allows you to manage the risks your business may face in an optimal way. When you get penetration testing done, you will get to now learn

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Various Questions That You Need to Ask Before Contracting a Lawn Mowing Company.

In the modern world, many companies have resulted in dedicating themselves to lawn mowing services. It is therefore your duty to ensure that you get to hire the right one so that you have great services at your home. There is need to ensure that you get to observe a number of things so that you get to settle with the right one for you in this case. Of course, all companies promise the best services. However, not all of them are in a position to do that. Here are some questions you need to ask before you commit yourself to hiring a Lawn mowing service provider. You find that when you deal with the various companies, you will notice that they have a code of conduct. These companies will offer other additional services at a free cost.

You need to ensure that the application that you write is conversant with what you are looking for in the right manner. Some companies will include liquid aeration, fertilizer and weed control in their package. Others

Learning The Secrets About Services

Tips to Help you Choose the Best Project Management Software.

Project management software streamlines the process of managing your project as it is known to be versatile. Project management software is useful as they help unify the process rather than forcing your teams to work across several applications to achieve their goal. Important features such as communication tools and file sharing are built in one software. Project software manages the day to day details of work as it focuses on the big picture. Before choosing any project software management, it is important to understand that project management software is designed for full projects. It is important to think about the best project management software to use especially when running a demanding project. The tips down here will help you choose the best software that you need.

The foremost important thing to consider is the cost of the software No matter how big or small your budget is, it is wise to understand that you have to get one that is within what you can afford. This can be a challenging task for you, but it is important to understand that prices vary from one provider to another and therefore

A Brief Rundown of Services

The Best Way To Identify And Diagnose A Sexual Disorder.

Every person is considered to harbor some level of secrecy and this varies between individuals as some can be very secretive while others are open. The society is socially constructed that also as social people we need to be a little bit private. They only talk about some of these things only when they are put under a lot of pressure to talk about them.

Any particular person tells a secret only to one that they trust. Many people believe that it is in the instincts of every human person from when we become logical to keep secrets.

Many people confuse being healthy to the absence of common diseases. Leading a healthy life as impacts on other aspects like social life. People who are not all round healthy tend to suffer from stress and other related disorders. Health should be one of our top priorities in everyday lives.

Sexual health is also a very important part of our lives as it determines a lot of the things we do. Many do not realize that this is very important and the result is people keeping to themselves and not discuss

News For This Month: Manufacturing

Get to Know How Medical Device Manufacturing Has Helped Many People Live Long Lives.

Medical device manufacturing has helped to enhance the lives of many people today all over the world. Medical devices such as medical imaging machines, life support machines, hips and knee replacement machines, and pacemakers have enable medical staff to offer the right diagnosis and treatment than they used to give. The device manufacturers have also played a major role in making the current advancement in technology possible. Devices like blood pressure devices, internal prognosis devices, artificial joints and limbs, and heart monitoring machines have played a significant role in ensuring that patients enjoy a long life.

Reputable medical machine manufacturers delight in meeting the needs of their clients and the needs of the medical staffs. The medical machines manufacturers can therefore never allow their products to be used in medical facilities, before they are sure that the machines are in top condition.There are no devices that have been released in the market before they go through rigorous testing and approved by the official body. It is possible for the machines to be tested using few patients as the sample, but

How Mobile Technology Is Reshaping

Mobile technology is fast becoming an event organizer’s secret weapon to success. Not only does mobile technology help in creating an outstanding experience for both the event planner and the attendees, but assist in reshaping the way the event promotion was executed in the pre-mobile days. Nowadays, event professionals are using a number of advanced mobile applications to increase event attendance, achieve high revenues, and create a loyal customer and sponsor base.

Let’s discuss how mobile technology is actually reshaping events.

Flexible Content Delivery

Event organizers can use mobile gadgets to deliver learning or training materials, texts, emails, website links, and images to their customer’s mobile device. Customers may view this information at their convenience. Furthermore-, organizers can instantly update event schedules to let the potential attendees quickly view the same and reply back in case they require clarifications.

Environmentally Friendly and Less Expensive

Mobile gadgets are far more environment friendly than doing things manually. They don’t require the usage of paper to perform tasks. Event planners can create event registration forms online and send them to the prospective attendee’s mobile device (cell phone, tablet

Services and Applications Provided

In the modern world of fast advancing technology, new ideas and concepts are coming up so fast that the technologies of today seem to get older tomorrow. These new technologies come in diverse forms like new platforms and applications and in different fields as for example the mobile applications. Even though the development of mobile technologies has become very important for numerous industries in different parts of the world most of the common masses are not really and truly aware of them.

Development of mobile applications involve creation of different software that work mainly on compact and small devices like the mobile devices. The smart phones, iPhones and digital assistants are small phones that avail nearly all the facilities available on the desktops and laptops. These devices apart from the function of calling one another also include diverse functions that at one point of time were only possible in the desktops or the laptops.

This heavy development in the rise of the mobile devices have arrived due to the demand of the people to use services and applications in portable and devices that can easily be carried along with everywhere. The dependency of the people on

Data Is Safe Using Mobile Technology

When we were told by the late Steve Jobs of Apple and others in the know that the technology we had in the palms of our hands would quite literally transform our lives, some of us dismissed the bravado, whilst others embraced this new mobile technology and began downloading hundreds of apps… Let’s face it, for most of us, the world of ‘apps’ consisted of little more than Angry Birds to entertain the kids and fat face booth to make already unflattering photos appear significantly less attractive. Thankfully, fast forward only a few years and we’ve now ventured way beyond this frivolous and seemingly pointless fun and mobile technology has most certainly began to transform our lives – not only on a personal level, but it has slowly but surely crept in to the way in which we do business too.

The surveying industry has not escaped the infiltration of mobile technology with an increasing number of us (said to be about 10-15% of surveyors) now turning to our iPads and mobile phones to carry out elements of our jobs, often more quickly and efficiently than we did with traditional methods. However its adoption has opened up

New Mobile Technology

The world of mobile technology is a quickly changing landscape, with manufacturers vying to satisfy the mobile users’ ever increasing hunger for new features and better equipment at reasonable cost in a viciously competitive market.

So what’s new? Who hasn’t heard of the latest incarnation of the most successful, and some would argue still the best, mobile touch phone – the Apple 3G S. It’s faster, has more storage, a better camera that can now take videos, voice control, maps, internet access – the list goes on. It’s also now cheaper.

Next up we have Mobile VOIP: Voice Over Internet Protocol – a means of making a phone call from your 3G enabled mobile using the internet to carry the call instead of the mobile network as you normally would. The main advantage is the cost – as most internet access is on a fixed cost, you can use this method to call anywhere else in the world with an internet connection. Savings can be huge; particularly for international calls. Currently Skype (popular for PC to PC phone calls), TruPhone and a company called Fring offer a mobile VoIP service for 3G smart phones.


Mobile Technology Meets the Real Estate

Mobile technology is not just beneficial in the technological world. Products and services that go part and parcel with mobile technology can be used to benefit many industries and sectors, not least of all being the real estate industry. If you are involved in the real estate business, pay attention: there are many solutions offered by mobile technology that can help you run your practice more effectively. To be more specific, there are two areas that can greatly increase the productivity and efficacy of the real estate industry: QR technology and Mobile Smartsites.

Custom-Designed and Specialty QR Codes

QR codes have their uses in virtually every industry. This is especially true of real estate. This is because QR codes are a fabulous way to display a house. If you are posting an advertisement for a home in a newspaper or on a billboard, you’re limited to using that ad space; therefore, you can only show a limited amount of pictures, and you can only display a certain amount of content. QR codes allow you to maximize the real estate of your ad space (no pun intended!). By placing a QR code in your ad space, you

Ways POS Mobile Technology Can Increase Customer Experience

By now you have probably heard about the rising trend in mobile technology in the retail environment. A survey done by IHL Group found that 61% of retailers rate mobile technology as their top priority. This increased interest in mobile technology has spurred retailers to begin moving beyond simple transaction processing and begin integrating POS systems with marketing, merchandising, inventory, and customer data. This allows retailers to provide a personalized and interactive experience for consumers. Nearly two-thirds of retailers have identified the mobile POS device as a cause of this shift, extending the customer’s experience outside of the traditional shopping lane and onto the floor, decreasing wait time while increasing employee/consumer interactivity through integration.

According to IHL’s survey, more than 2.7 million tablet devices will be shipped for use in North American retail and hospitality by 2015, an increase of 450% over current rates. These figures don’t even take into account the handheld devices that retailers are rushing to roll out in mobile POS deployments. So what can mobility do for you and why should you begin integrating this technology into your retail operation? The answer is simple, mobile POS, inventory and a better customer experience can

Mobile Technology

While cars worldwide are plagued with distracted driving, car manufacturers are trying to find a solution. Without having a million public service announcements, and having new laws that prohibit dangerous driving, car manufacturers are taking this matter into their own hands. In an effort to make vehicles more safe and user friendly, mobile technology is being developed. Drivers will not have to wait very long to get this new technology. Within only a couple of years, consumers will begin to see cars with certain mobile features and GSMA expects that by the year 2025, nearly every vehicle will be fully equipped with mobile technology. The following 4 are types of mobile technology that automakers and GSMA expect to see built into all vehicles during the coming few years.

    1. Driver Oriented Features – What if your car was able to give you alerts of roadway hazards like accidents or traffic restrictions, before you drive? Location based mobile devices may make this a reality very soon. Drivers will gain benefits in many ways with the new embedded technology in their vehicles. Some of these benefits include call support systems, weather

Mobile Technology In Self Storage

Usage of mobile phones increased many folds and almost every one now carries a mobile phone with him or her. It is no longer considered a device for making or receiving calls alone. With the development of smart phones mobile is now used in every field be it banking or health care or some other. Business organizations are trying to use mobile technology to promote their businesses. Apart from reaching out to their potential clients they can provide many facilities to their existing customers through mobile apps. Mobile technology is now being adopted in self storage industry as well. Mobile technology can be used in self storage business to provide more security, convenience and satisfaction to the tenants. Mobile technology can be used in several ways like checking competition, reaching out to more markets, taking payments, monitoring security etc.

You can not keep a manager on the site round the clock. If something happens when you or your manager is away, you may need to rush back to the unit. You can avoid rushing to the site if you have access-control software on your smart mobile. Using this you can control your self storage unit remotely from

Ways to Leverage Mobile Technology

With the ever increasing popularity of mobile technology in all applications, it is now also being used to transmit higher educational content among the students of the subject and also provide them with cutting edge services online through dedicated portals that are full of superior educational content on a subject. Administering education through the use of mobile technologies is a new phenomenon that is slowly catching on in the higher education sector. Due to its scalability, mobile technology is a much sought after technology for higher educational applications.

This increasing popularity of mobile phones has also caught the fancy of the student population. This is manifest in students not being able to keep themselves away from their cell phones even for five minutes in a day. There is a constant need to remain connected, either through social media or chat forums. Another area of engagement is checking text messages and answering phone calls. This popularity of mobile technology can now be harnessed for the transmission of high quality higher educational content from reputed campuses like Harvard, Cambridge, IITs, etc.

Even though research shows that only 4% of adults use location services for checking in, almost a

Expect From 2017 In Mobile Technologies

There are numerous trends to expect from the year 2017 in mobile phone technology.

Cloud-Based Apps

First one on the list is the cloud computing based mobile applications. This is one of the most essential & bigger advancements in the area of developing cloud-based applications. In this way, developers will have the better scalability options so that they will be able to develop the apps which can provide users with the better security of their data in a meaningful fashion. A significant portion of the data is usually stored on the cloud-based servers so by using the cloud-based apps mobile devices of the users will not have to occupy large size data and in the case of device failure or any disaster happen to the device the entire data can be recovered using the cloud-based applications. Here the objective is to make all the things automated & lowering down the human efforts.

Use of wearable technology

The next thing to discuss here is the technology that a person can wear or known popularly known as the wearable devices same in look & feel as the smart watches is commonly getting the attention of various

Behind The Immense Popularity of Mobile Technology

Of the many forms of technology, mobile technology has taken the apex position. It is the most popular topic nowadays and it has covered most fields of life. It is now used in almost all domains of business and personal uses. What’s behind this popularity is something which one needs to know in order to make use of this technology in a way that fits his or her necessity.

So, what triggers this popularity and high demands of mobile devices in the market today? In order to answer that question one needs to answers to himself or herself what do he or she look for in life. What each and every person looks for in life is ease of life. And in this case, Mobile technology has done a great job in rendering people what they desire. It is only through it that one is able to do certain things in life which was once considered an impossibility. This is further heightened by mobile apps development. Mobile devices are just a simplification of the bulky computers and laptops and without the applications, it’s just the same as the normal computers. The applications which are available nowadays allow

Mobile Technologies Gain More Popularity

Businesses and individuals have equally been benefited with mobile technologies. The advancement in mobile technology has helped them with managing a lot of work with very little effort. This is exactly why a lot of individuals and companies are opting to go in for mobile technology and therefore their adoption rate is increasing by the day. Another very important factor for the increase in the adoption of mobile technologies by many companies is due to the development of mobile apps.

Reasons for the popularity of mobile apps

People are very impatient these days and require solutions instantly for problems that they face. People do not have the patience to wait for even a few seconds till the computer screen boots up. The mobile apps are just the thing that such people require. They reduce the waiting time drastically. These mobile apps work by storing all your information on one particular application so that it can be accessed instantly. This helps in looking for a particular kind of information without needing to connect through a network.

A recent report by Forrester research predicts that nearly half the devices that are used for corporate jobs will be

Africa Mobile Technology

Mobile phone networks have proven to be a vital piece of technology for Africa. The technology is playing an important part in bridging the infrastructure divide and assisting entrepreneurs and businesses to improve efficiency. The mobile revolution is still in its infancy and organizations are slowly adopting new tools and technology to conduct business. The not-for-profit sector has been on the forefront of adopting and piloting a number of projects and there are some interesting learning for the business world.

Communication for the mobile age

One of the major challenges for any operation is keeping customers informed. When conducting customer service surveys in Africa, outlets often complain about the lack of communication about product offerings and promotions. Many customers are also frustrated about a lack of timely information. As one retailer put it to me in Guinea, “by the time we get to understand the mechanics of the promotion, the promotion has ended.” Most managers and supervisors are using SMS extensively to communicate with customers and increasingly companies are adopting it as an enterprise application strategy. FrontlineSMS created a text messaging system for not-for-profit organizations to address poor communication, which is seen as a major barrier

Mobile Technologies In Healthcare

The union of mobile technologies and applications is a growing opportunity for healthcare. There is no denying the innate factor of modern mobile technology. Morgan Stanley Research reports that mobile Internet usage is growing faster than desktop Internet usage, and will reach parity in late 2013. The basis for this expansion in mobile Internet usage may seem evident at first. Among computing technologies, mobile computing devices are typically only an arm’s reach away, making them easy to get to and extremely handy. The abundance of specialized downloadable applications, often available at low or no cost, increases the efficacy of devices over time.

Mobile technologies have colossal potential as an apparatus to promote healthy behavioral transformation, to enhance the caregiver-patient relationship, and to modernize the way healthcare is delivered in various countries around the globe. In fact, mobile technologies are already being used to promote lifestyle changes, encourage patients’ active involvement in their treatment and reduce waiting times in doctors’ offices, with the goal of improving healthcare outcomes.

Pharmacies can also gain several benefits from the emerging trends of mobile technologies. Drug stores are initiating various services that can be made available through mobile technology by launching

Mobile Technology Meets the Automotive

Mobile technology is not isolated to one particular sector. While tech-savvy individuals do put mobile technology to work everyday, it’s not solely them who enjoy the benefits of this important societal advancement.

More and more industries are learning that the future is mobile. Because of the growing ubiquity of mobile phones, there is no single industry that could not benefit in some way from implementing mobile technology. One such industry that can (and does) benefit from mobile technology is the automotive industry. If you’re involved in this competitive sector, then listen up: mobile technology can help you run your business more smoothly, and can also allow you to tackle problems with more creative and innovative solutions.

One of the most interesting aspects of mobile technology is the advent of QR codes. These codes are becoming more and more commonplace, and are by far the best way to get a consumer to a website landing page.

Here are just some of the ways by which QR technology can be put to good use in the automotive industry.

Custom-Designed QR Codes

QR codes are an excellent addition to any business. While they provide many ways