Mobile Technology In Self Storage

Usage of mobile phones increased many folds and almost every one now carries a mobile phone with him or her. It is no longer considered a device for making or receiving calls alone. With the development of smart phones mobile is now used in every field be it banking or health care or some other. Business organizations are trying to use mobile technology to promote their businesses. Apart from reaching out to their potential clients they can provide many facilities to their existing customers through mobile apps. Mobile technology is now being adopted in self storage industry as well. Mobile technology can be used in self storage business to provide more security, convenience and satisfaction to the tenants. Mobile technology can be used in several ways like checking competition, reaching out to more markets, taking payments, monitoring security etc.

You can not keep a manager on the site round the clock. If something happens when you or your manager is away, you may need to rush back to the unit. You can avoid rushing to the site if you have access-control software on your smart mobile. Using this you can control your self storage unit remotely from whatever place you are at. You can check an alarm or open a gate from any place. If you want to check the activity that is currently happening at the site or if you want to see who is on the site you can do it with your smart phone. You will be alerted if something unwanted happens.

There is a possibility that tenants may forget their access code if you have electronic locking system at the unit. This trouble can be easily avoided with mobile technology. With a simple click on their mobile, they can open gates and their unit doors. They now need not stop at the keypad. They can simply sit in their car and open their unit door. They can be notified immediately through the app whenever their unit is opened. The access log can provide information on the operations. It gives sense of satisfaction to the customers.

What’s happening at the unit can be viewed on the mobile phones. Apps can be used to view live images on a cell phone or tablet.

If you own a self storage business, you can now reach to new markets that were not available earlier. You need to get your website optimized for mobile phones for this. This is very crucial as many people are surfing the net on their mobiles. Through mobile optimized website anyone can make a call to the storage unit with simple push of a button.

You can even rent your units with out human intervention. Customer can lease a unit, select size of the unit, opt for preferred location and finally pay- with the mobile technology.

You can manage your payments using the mobile software. An automatic text message can be sent to the customer when the payment is due and customers can make payments over their cell phones.