Mobile Technologies In Healthcare

The union of mobile technologies and applications is a growing opportunity for healthcare. There is no denying the innate factor of modern mobile technology. Morgan Stanley Research reports that mobile Internet usage is growing faster than desktop Internet usage, and will reach parity in late 2013. The basis for this expansion in mobile Internet usage may seem evident at first. Among computing technologies, mobile computing devices are typically only an arm’s reach away, making them easy to get to and extremely handy. The abundance of specialized downloadable applications, often available at low or no cost, increases the efficacy of devices over time.

Mobile technologies have colossal potential as an apparatus to promote healthy behavioral transformation, to enhance the caregiver-patient relationship, and to modernize the way healthcare is delivered in various countries around the globe. In fact, mobile technologies are already being used to promote lifestyle changes, encourage patients’ active involvement in their treatment and reduce waiting times in doctors’ offices, with the goal of improving healthcare outcomes.

Pharmacies can also gain several benefits from the emerging trends of mobile technologies. Drug stores are initiating various services that can be made available through mobile technology by launching their respective mobile applications. Being registered with the mobile application of a drug store would allow you to access the history of your prescriptions, research on the drug prices, refill your prescriptions, place requests for new prescriptions and also check the status of your order. They also facilitate payment for your prescriptions through the application. This does not only enable the customer to take care of his health in an easier manner but also simplifies the internal transactions within the pharmacy and enables them to serve the customers better, leading to an increased customer satisfaction.

Few years ago, this would have sounded more like science fiction but today it stands as a reality that has changed the way people perceive healthcare. Mobile technology has brought a revolution into the lives of those patients who were forced to visit their doctors’ everyday by skipping a few important meetings. We now have mobile applications that record your daily blood pressure and other data and directly send it to your doctor’s or physician’s smartphone. It allows your doctor to have a daily check on your physical fitness while you absorb yourself in those important meetings that you otherwise had to skip. This technology also gives the patients a peace of mind as their doctors can monitor their condition on a daily basis.

Moreover, the power of mobile technologies is now assisting people to transform their mobile applications into personal fitness trainers that give them daily workout plans and instruct them on when to warm up, run, jog and relax. It acts as a peer support which is a key component to any behavioral change program. Such applications are transforming their fitness goals into wonderful actions that give results.