All About the Vivo Y33s


Vivo Y33S: Availability and price. The Vivo Y33S is an excellent smartphone in every regard. It is the perfect companion for the youth in today’s modern world, as it is a complete multimedia gadget that can perform multiple tasks like entertainment, social networking, business, connectivity and many more. The pricing of the gadget is really attractive that anyone can own a smart phone of their choice at an affordable price. Moreover, the Vivo smartphone comes with great features that are very much advanced when compared to its counterparts in the market. With its efficient processor, huge memory space, gorgeous design and multi-functional screen, the Y33S is definitely the king of smart phones.

Vivo Y33S: Camera and video. The built in camera of this smartphone comes in such a way that it offers smooth and amazing picture taking experience. The camera of the Y 33S is one of the best available on the market. It comes in a slim design and has a rear imaging system of 5.aru. It also comes with a 4.2-inch capacitive display, floating glass screen, resistive touch screen and dual tone brightness options. vivo y33s

Vivo Y 33s Plus: Video and photo recording. The Vivo Y 33s Plus comes in similar fashion as the original model with dual cameras and in this handset, the image sensors have been upgraded to the fitter ones. The primary camera of this handset comes in a very impressive resolution of 12.1 megapixels and has a total optical zoom of 1.8 inches. The secondary camera also comes in a pretty impressive resolution of 7 megapixels and is also comes with an optical zoom. There is no such thing as the optical zoom on smartphones these days. However, the video recording is pretty decent.

Vivo Y33S Plus: Gaming. This handset does not look too much different from its predecessors, but it does have a few unique features. The body of this handset is made out of aluminium and the screen has a glossy finish. One of the unique features of this India red dot smartphones is the iris display – a fingerprint scanner, which actually works and does give you a sense of security and safety that you would never experience with any other smartphone.

The phone comes with a powerful processor and has the ability to browse the internet very quickly. The 6. 58 inches LCD screen of the vivo y33s comes along with 16 million colours and a LED ticker. This handset is powered by the Flyme application which gives the users a real time navigation experience. It helps you find your way through busy traffic, get to your destination quickly and make the most of travelling. The camera also comes with some unique functions like face recognition and can even save your pictures in a sequential order in MMS format.

In the market you will find a wide range of phones, which includes the Nokia E71 and the HTC Evo Shift. However, if you are looking for a phone that is affordable, then there is nothing better than the Vivo Y33S Plus. You can also buy vivo y33s online. There are many retailers and online mobile portals which deal in the India mobile phones and give discounts on popular handsets like the Vivo Y33S Plus and the iPhone 4. If you do a thorough research, you will find the best deals and offers on the cellular phones.

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